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SUM is an all-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to honoring and celebrating the truth that exists at the heart of all faith traditions. 

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Monday November 30th 2020 

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Sacred Feminine


Lynn Creighton

Lynn Creighton ’s development as an art ist has paralleled her personal growth as an active p art icipant in Native American philosophies and ceremonies.  She apprenticed with a medicine man and, under his direction, pursued a deeper and deeper connection to a divine creative source and came to a deeper knowledge and understanding of herself and her place in the universe.  It is her continued transformational practices (leading purification lodges, vision-quests, and other ceremonies) that info rm her work.

A request to lead lodges for people recovering fr om abuse brought awareness of abuse as an issue.  Following extensive investigation, Ms. Creighton became convinced that cultural healing fr om abuse and other distresses depends on w om en’s ability to awaken to the truth of who they are, to hear the authentic voice of the feminine fr om within and all around themselves, and to establish balance and harmony with masculine energy.  Her exuberant bronze figures represent this reality and offer an invitation to all w om en to celebrate themselves in their own lives.

 Journeys to places of power have provided catalytic m om ents that prepared the path for discovery of her forms.  In Palenque of Mexico’s Yucatan Ms. Creighton heard a call to pursue the awakening of w om en to full knowledge of the truth of who they are, uncontaminated by the constraints of culture.  In Greece she learned that the worship of a female deity preceded Zeus’s d om ination and that knowledge of Her was purposefully concealed.  In Bali the merging of two rivers in Ubud called for the fully active and aware female to join and merge with the fully active energetic male.

  Lynn Creighton was called to clay by the yellow bowl Mrs. White helped her c om plete on the potter’s wheel in fourth grade.  After the birth of her daughter in 1966 and with two sons already in school, Ms. Creighton learned to throw on the potter’s wheel.  A return to the University for further study in ceramics as an undergraduate for the second time and a graduate degree led to a strong connection to clay and the possibilities inherent in its plasticity.  While visiting the studios of Shoji Hamada in Japan , she was inspired by his intense involvement with the form emerging fr om his touch and his paddles.  Upon her return she began to explore with paddles of her own.  Her love of clay and its plasticity inspires dedication to the possibilities for form emerging as the paddle engages with the clay with the force generated by Creighton’s desire to find the form of women in celebration of life.  Hidden in her earlier work of huge monoliths representing the life-force of the Taoists emerging from the slime, was the implication that the feminine is the vehicle through which life emerges in the continuation of life’s cycles.  Finally, the real nature of her work was revealed and she adjusted her focus to an ongoing process of discovery revealing through the female form the possibility of entry into the sacred by celebrating life.

This most recent series, Love, What’s it to Ya, grows out of her certainty that love is the basic ingredient of life worth living. Now she is working on a series called “Where is Love?”

She has transmitted her passion for investigation as an art ist to her students at Moorpark College and California Lutheran University for over thirty years.

 The intention of making her ideas apparent through image has been accomplished through exhibitions throughout the United States, in France, South Africa and in Japan.  She exhibited sculpture in Nice, France in 2006, Hyere, France in 2010 and Luxembourg in 2011.  For many years Ms. Creighton traveled with her work to gatherings celebrating feminine spirituality, first in Northridge, Tujunga, Santa Inez, and Malibu, California, then in Hawaii, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Minnesota.   She continues showing her work and teaching about the sacredness of women’s core energy. Her book, Reclaiming the Sacred Source: the Ancient Power and Wisdom of Women’s Sexuality, is ready for publication.

 At SUM our mission is to celebrate the spiritual unity of all life and raise consciousness in light and love through community meditation and education and to inspire and empower those who attend the World Healing Mediation Ceremonies and all of humanity with the life transforming experience of Healing, Oneness and Unity. WE are Saving our Planet from the Inside!

This is a movement which inspires people from all religious and philosophical backgrounds to link together in unified spiritual service through the practice of prayer and meditation.  




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SUM Board of Directors

President ORDM. Frank Williams

Vice President Rev. Nancy Fuller

Secretary Rev. Burl Bolerjack

Treasurer Elizabeth Curran

Ceremonial Director Rev. Deena Efferson

Director of Healing Ministry Rev. Florence Riggs

Volunteer Coordinator Dr. Kathleen Ayl

Spiritual Message of the Moon Lyn Hopkins

Wise Woman in Residence Kabbalah Bach

Board Member at Large Arline Erickson

Advisory Board Member: Dr. Rev. Elder. Patrick J. Harbula


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Spiritual Unity Movement Mission Statement:

To celebrate the spiritual unity of all life through community meditation and education and to inspire and empower all who attend our World Healing Meditation Ceremonies with the life transforming experience of Healing, Oneness, and Unity.
We ARE Saving Our Planet from the Inside!

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We honor you for your interest in United Spiritual Service and appreciate your joining with us to increase divine Light, Love, and Power on Earth.

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